Member Boat Use Program

Take advantage of our fleet of J24s and JY15s through our boat use program!

Our program provides an amazing opportunity for Breakwater Yacht Club Members to explore the beautiful waters of the surrounding Sag Harbor Bay area in a safe and fun way.

Members can reserve any of our J24s at a rate of $25 per sail. Members can reserve any of our JY15s for a daily fee of $25 or an annual fee of $195.

All of our boats are well-maintained, and we provide all necessary equipment, including life jackets.

Join Today: Don't miss out on the opportunity to experience the joy of boating with Breakwater Yacht Club's boat use program. Contact to schedule a certification or to learn more about our boat use program. We look forward to seeing you on the water!

How the Process Works

We take safety very seriously at Breakwater Yacht Club and want to ensure that all sailors using our boats have the necessary skills and knowledge to do so safely. In order to participate in the boat use program, members must first obtain a certification from the club. Each skipper must take a short practical test on the water with one of our sailing instructors to demonstrate basic sailing skills such as tacking, gybing, and docking, as well as basic knowledge of the local waters. Don't worry if you're new to sailing - we offer sailing lessons for all skill levels to help you prepare for the certification process. To book a certification, please reach out to our office  at, or call 631-725-4604.

Members must add the seasonal package option onto their membership through our office. Please contact

*Refunds up to 50% more than 2 weeks in advance

*No refunds within 2 weeks

Our Fleet:


J24 sailboats are a popular choice among sailors due to their versatility, performance, and reliability on the water. They are designed for racing and cruising, making them a great option for those who enjoy a bit of both. With a length of 24 feet, these boats are compact yet provide ample space for a small crew. A J24 can comfortably fit 4~5 people. These boats are also available to race in the Wednesday series, beginning in early May and ending late October.

Breakwater Yacht Club currently owns the three J24s:


The JY15 sailboat is a staple among dinghy sailors. They are 15 feet long, with excellent performance and responsive handling. The boats stable design and ease of use makes it a great option for sailors of all skill levels. With our boat use program, members have access to our fleet of JY15s for Sunday Afternoon fleet racing, and cruising throughout the week.


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